Many people tend to use iPhone as the iPhone almost sweep over the world. For the Symbian users, they want to switch to a new iPhone. Of course, contacts transfer between two phones is unavoidable. However, they fail to figure out this problem for their two phones are in different operating systems. How can they manage to do the contacts transfer between Symbian and iPhone. Here I want to show you a powerful tool called Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is specialized in transferring data between different platforms like Symbian and iPhone. This program enables you to accomplish the contacts transfer from Symbian to iPhone in an effortless and efficient way. The following guide is provided for you to learn the operation of transfer Symbian Contacts to iPhone. You are allowed to download the trial version freely and try it on your computer.

Phone Transfer - a cross-platform transfer which can move Symbian contacts to iPhone
Phone Transfer makes contacts transfer between different platforms become possible. Now, it’s quite convenient for you to transfer your contacts in Nokia Symbian phone to your new iPhone.

Click the icons below and download it by free.

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Copy Symbian Contacts to iPhone

Step 1: Run the Phone Transfer

You need to install this software on your computer first and then have it gotten to work. If you don’t install iTunes on your computer in advance, the program will remind you to do that. You just need to obey the order and then tap on the Start button which is located in the Phone to Phone Transfer section.
start phone transfer
Step 2: Link your two phones with PC

You are required to build the connection between your two phones and you computer by making use of USB cables now. You need to check that your iPhone is in the position of "Destination", or you can click "Flip" to change it. If you are in need of erasing all your iPhone contacts before the transfer process, the button "Clear data before copy" which is under the iPhone icon allows you to do that.
connect phone to pc
Step 3: Transfer contacts from Symbian to iPhone

If you are in possess of Phone Transfer, you no longer need to worry about transferring Symbian contacts to iPhone. Not only contacts, but also music, pictures as well as messages all can be transferred between different platforms like Symbian, iPhone and Android phone in a safe and  Hurry up! Download the Phone Transfer and let it be your good helper now!

In this step, you are asked to choose what you want to transfer. You can tick Contacts if you just want to move contacts. As soon as you tap on "Start Copy", the contacts transfer process will begin. When it finish, you just need to press "OK".

transfer contact

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