Sometimes you might need showing your iOS display on your PC or file it and save it being a video. Of cause you will find loads of solutions to samsung galaxy data recovery suggestions to obtain in case you enter "how-to record my iPhone" on the internet search engine. But these distinct methods may unable to suit you effectively. Just how to complete? Please proceed to learn, you may find the solution out.

This short article may speak about how-to reflection iOS unit to pc and then report it simply 1. And in part 2, I will explain to you HOWTO convert the saving video(saved as MP4 format automatically) into the other format so that you can notice in your Android product.

Part 1 History iOS Screen Films with iPhone Datarecovery
Part 2 Convert MP4 Format to Other Types
Part 1: Record iOS Screen Films with iPhone Datarecovery

Step 1 Deploy and Download This Program
To begin with, install and please get iPhone Data Recovery on your desktop. Subsequently start it and to the interface, just goto "More Instruments" from the main selection on the left pane. Next, click "iOS Screen Recorder".

Download Win Download Mac

Step 2 Connect iOS System to Computer
Please Plug your iPhone/iPad/iTouch into your personal computer via the Flash cable that comes together. About the screen of the program, you can see the manual to setup your iOS product so that iOS can be detected by the program properly. Please abide by it!

Join iPhone to PC

Step 3 Mirror and History iOS Device to Computer
After you the method effectively registers it and set up your unit, you can see your iOS monitor would be shown on your desktop. Please press the "Report" button to start recording iOS display. And you will also click the "full-screen" button, which is close to the "History" button.

Start to File iPhone Display

Step 4 Save the Saving Video
Please press the "Record" recover android data after factory reset to complete recording and it can be saved by you by default on your computer with format.
Part 2: Convert MP4 Structure to Other Forms

Since the recording video is saved as format. Some people of Android may unable because it couldn’t help this kind of format to look at the movie.
Android Video Converter could be a good tool to change films into Android suitable formats like AVI, MKV. Please download Recovery mode android program on your PC by clicking the download option below to really have a try!

Phase 1 Incorporate Recording Movie to the Method
When you install and get Android Video-Converter, please start it on your computer. The MP4 movie can be added by you to the program by pressing the "Add Files" button to the top-quit of the software, or perhaps get the report towards the system directly.

Add MP4 to Video Converter

Step 2 Pick The Structure That May Fit Your Unit
You should pick the exported structure once you incorporate the program and the movie. Please click the "Output Format" on the upper-right of the program also it allows you to select the exported platforms, or perhaps click "Product" to the pop up screen and pick the device of your situation, which it might complement the suitable one for you personally.

Select Video Format Select Android Telephone Format

Step 3 Convert MP4 Format
Please click "Transform" at the end-right place of the software to begin with the video conversion. After it completes, you are able to click "Available Directory" to find out the positioning of the video.

Start to Change MP4

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